Activated Carbon Filter

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Model Flange Size Suggested ESP Model
KL-2C 398.5 x532 BS-216Q-2K
KL-3C 496.5×645 BS-216Q-3K
KL-4C 557.5×701.5 BS-216Q-4K
KL-6C 1073×637 BS-216Q-6K
KL-8C 1194×694 BS-216Q-8K
KL-9C 1654×635 BS-216Q-10K
KL-12AC 1073×1382 BS-216Q-12K
KL-16C 1194×1495.5 BS-216Q-16KC
KL-20C 1654×1380 BS-216Q-20K
KL-24C 1837×1493.5 BS-216Q-24K



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